Kaartje2Go – User Journey Maps & App Design

For a school project I wanted to focus more on user experience for a new concept. Working together with Iris op ‘t Ende, we created a concept for Kaartje2Go. The idea was to create a set of cards that would be interesting to Kaartje2Go’s target audience. As we both studie Art & Technology we decided […]

IJsboerderij de Steenoven – A new website

For a school project I decided to do more research and decided to make a competition analysis for IJsboerderij de Steenoven, an ice-cream making farm in Hummelo, The Netherlands. This competion analysis is specifically about the websites of IJsboerderij de Steenoven’s competition. The IJsboerderij’s current website is very much outdated and not compatible with today’s […]

IJsboerderij de Steenoven – Corporate Design Manual

For IJsboerderij de Steenoven I created a new modern corporate identity. It features the bright colours that were originally in the old identity as well as the corporate mascot but it has been redesigned so that they have more impact. I also created some social media posts that are in line wih the new identity […]

Hairdressers Portfolio – App Design

One of the projects I did during my internship. Hairdressers Portfolio is a website and app where hairdressers can post photos of the hairstyles they create and consumers can find the right hairdresser for them based on their portfolio. My job was to create the UX and UI for the app. Go to my Behance […]

Quarter – Packaging, Wayfinding & Visuals

  As part of my minor Visual Communications & Graphic Design I had to create an entire visual entity for a fictional interior & furniture store. As the company is fictional we were allowed to decide what the company is and what it stands for and create the branding, packaging, visuals, animation, window dressing and […]

Pirate Kings – Mobile & Desktop design

During my internship I designed the action page for a competition from the game Pirate Kings. Four Dutch Youtube influencers created a video featuring the game and followers could vote for their favourite. The deisgn had to be in the same style as Pirate Kings and had to have enough room for the avatars.

Seimhu – Font website

As part of my minor Visual Communications & Graphic Design I created a responsive one-pager that displayed the new Gaelic inspired font, Seimhu. The website includes a tool that lets users input their own text and see how it looks in the Seimhu font in different weights and sizes. Also it has a full glyphset, […]

Visualiser – Project Fusion of Art and Technology

Project FAT was my last project of my second year. This project is the final project that Art & Technology students do before their internship and minors. It is a ten week project that focuses on using data in an interactive installation. My role in this project was Interaction Designer. My job was to create […]

Mammi – StartUp concept

Together with Elke van de Maat, I created a startup concept for the project New Startup. The idea was to create a concept for a startup using the skills that we have learned as Art & Technology students. Our concept was an app called Mammi. Mammi is an app for young adults and students who […]

The Re-Integration of Dutch Expat Youth – Video

This video is about the re-integration of Dutch expat youth. The problem of re-integrating into your home country is something that I have experienced before and it is something that is very common and well known among the expat community. It can be very tough and especially on youth. I made this video to show […]

The Hunter – Little Red Riding Hood Side Story

One of the assignments that I have completed is creating a side story to the well known fairy tale of Little Red Ridinghood. We had to write a story, design the characters and visualize them in a means of our choosing.  One of the necessary criteria was that the story had to be understandable without […]

Ñammy – Web Design & Businesscards

This was my first web design that I made outside of my course. ÑAMMY is an international start-up based in Munich. ÑAMMY offers a platform for restaurant owners to promote their daily offers and hungry customers to find them.  I was asked by one of the founders to make a design for their website.  I created […]

Drought animation – United Nations Project

This is an animation video that I made for the project Transmedia Storytelling where we had to create a transmedia experience for the United Nations. The experience was based on the storybook, Not So Traditional Fairytales, written by the United Nations to educate children on today’s biggest natural catastrophes and societal problems. The video was […]

Brainstorm – Interactive Installation

Brainstom was my final project for the first year of Art & Technology. We were given free reign on what we wanted to do, as long as it was an interactive installation. I made Brainstorm. An interactive installation that is meant to make people aware of the calm and quiet that people nowadays don’t have. […]

Aderyn – Useless Machine

My first project as an Art & Technology student. The objective was to make a useless machine to introduce the students to the foundations of the course. My machine is called Aderyn, Welsh for bird, a kingfisher that catches fish. You turn the machine on with the switch, the bird moves down and tries to […]