As part of my minor Visual Communications & Graphic Design I had to create an entire visual entity for a fictional interior & furniture store. As the company is fictional we were allowed to decide what the company is and what it stands for and create the branding, packaging, visuals, animation, window dressing and wayfinding.



Starting with the stylesheet. My Quarter puts the focus back on the designer of the product and the core materials that it is made of. Quarter gives the designer the chance to explain why and how they made their product. The look & feel is simple and minimal so the focus is put on the things that are most important. The colours are subdued and natural, bringing it back to the basics.



The packaging is clean and simple with focus on the base materials of the product. The Quarter logo is a cutout showing the pattern of the image below, creating an ever changing logo. The designer of the product signs their name under the product name giving it a personal touch.


Ident / Animation

The concept behind the logo (and other icons) of Quarter is that they are made of three lines and a dot/circle. Morse code for the letter Q. For the ident I used this same concept by creating an animation that displayed the icons used in the kitchen department flowing into each other, creating a story.


Window Display

The window display uses the same animation. The idea behind the window display is to engage with the window shoppers and allowing them to interact with Quarter instead of only observing. The window will be black with a hole in the middle that window shoppers and passersby can look through with the text “Take a look inside”. Looking through the gap they will see a jumble of lines. Using motion detection the ident will be displayed using projection mapping.



I wanted to keep the wayfinding simple and ensure that shopping at Quarter is an experience. I created an icon set using the three line and one dot concept. These were used throughout the wayfinding solution of the store. At the entrance of each department the icon that corresponds with that department is enlarged so that it makes a great photo opportunity. Once again engaging with customers. It also makes a great meeting point or place to sit.



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