For a school project I wanted to focus more on user experience for a new concept. Working together with Iris op ‘t Ende, we created a concept for Kaartje2Go. The idea was to create a set of cards that would be interesting to Kaartje2Go’s target audience. As we both studie Art & Technology we decided we wanted to add some more interactiion to the cards. After doing some research we came across SkinMotion, a company that turns audio recordings to tattoos.

This inspired us to create a concept that merged audio recordings to online greeting cards. As greeting cards that are sent via the internet have a typed message, instead of a personal handwritten one, we wanted to add something more personal. Via a voice recording a card that isn’t very personal turns into something interactive and memorable.

The idea is that the sender, using the app, can enter a voice recording that will be converted to a soundwave. This soundwave will be unique to that message and printed onto the chosen card. The sender is also able to write a personal message on the card.

The receiver of the card will then be able to scan the soundwave, using the app, and then listen to the audio message. When having listened to the message the app will ask the receiver if hey would like to send a card back to the original sender. This will be easily done as the original senders contact information will allready be integrated in the card and so it won’t cost much effort to send them a thank you card.

For this concept I created three Customer journey maps, based on three separate persona’s all with different backgrounds and motives.

Customer Journey map #1

Customer Journey map #2

Customer Journey map #3


I also designed a prototype app using Adobe XD to showcase how the app would work. This was my second time working with Adobe XD and so far it has been great. XD is alot easier to get the hang of than other Adobe programs. I also have experience with Sketch which made the transition quite easy. However as I used the prototype function alot more with this project I did experience some things that could greatly enhance the program if it were to be updated, like giving buttons inside a symbol individual functions.

Try out the app here

You can also download the Adobe XD app to test the app.

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