For a school project I decided to do more research and decided to make a competition analysis for IJsboerderij de Steenoven, an ice-cream making farm in Hummelo, The Netherlands. This competion analysis is specifically about the websites of IJsboerderij de Steenoven’s competition. The IJsboerderij’s current website is very much outdated and not compatible with today’s standards that are required op web development and design. Thats why I decided to see what the IJsboerderij’s competition does so that the IJsboerderij can see how they can enhance and change their website so that they can compete wih their competion on an equal level.

Concurrentieanalyse Website IJsboerderij de Steenoven

Based on the analysis of the websites and the research I did I designed a new, potential, website for IJsboerderij de Steenoven. It contains many new aspects that they currently do not use in their website which will greatly increase their SEO standing as well as generate more interest. I designed the website and mobile website using Adobe XD, which was my first time using the program. Designing this website allowed me to learn

Desktop website design

Mobile website design

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