Duizend Jaar is basically my passion project. As a project voor my course I combined my two favourite things, technology and history, and created a concept for an augmented reality experience in the village that I grew up in.

It all started when my father told me about an archeological dig hat happened at the end of our road in 1972. In this dig they found 9 medieval farmhouses. His idea was to put up a board which shows these buildings and where they used to stand to passersby. With my background and my course I thought this idea could be enhanced and expanded with AR.

The idea is that passersby will be able to use their phones to scan the area where the farmhouses used to be and see what it looked like all those years ago. The concept is able too expand and eventually I would like to recreate more archeological digs in the area of Gasselte to create a tour.

The entire area of Gasselte is very popular with tourists and nowhere in the area do they have a tourist attraction that incorporates VR/AR. This is a unique experience for the area and I hope people will learn more about the history of places they are.

For my school project I developed a OnePage businesplan and created a presentation. I wanted to learn more about the business aspect of the creative industry and have learned quite alot whilst making the businessplan.

The business plan: Duizend Jaar Businessplan

The presentation: Presentation Duizend Jaar