Mammi – StartUp concept

Together with Elke van de Maat, I created a startup concept for the project New Startup. The idea was to create a concept for a startup using the skills that we have learned as Art & Technology students. Our concept was an app called Mammi. Mammi is an app for young adults and students who […]

The Re-Integration of Dutch Expat Youth – Video

This video is about the re-integration of Dutch expat youth. The problem of re-integrating into your home country is something that I have experienced before and it is something that is very common and well known among the expat community. It can be very tough and especially on youth. I made this video to show […]

Drought animation – United Nations Project

This is an animation video that I made for the project Transmedia Storytelling where we had to create a transmedia experience for the United Nations. The experience was based on the storybook, Not So Traditional Fairytales, written by the United Nations to educate children on today’s biggest natural catastrophes and societal problems. The video was […]